day 313_may 24, 2009

It was up to 30 Celsius today.  That is about my threshold for warmth.  Anything above it is hot.  Out for a ride with my goal to make it to Schwyz and back.  Along the way, in Lauerz, I came across this festival at a very modern looking school.  When I pulled up the slight hill to look down into what was going on this is what I saw.  Three circles of sand, about 10 inches deep, were laid out on the grass football field and adolescent boys wearing burlap sacks were wrestling each other in the blazing heat.  Bizarre.  Kinda reminded me of what I might possibly see if I was riding around the Redwood Forests in Humboldt County.  Except there the kids, whom might also be wearing burlap shorts,  would be sawing some logs for sport.

Ride #8 statistics:
time: 2 h, 33m, 21s; distance: 67.36 km; avg. speed: 26.3 km/h; max. speed: 59.7 km/h

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