day 319_may 30, 2009

Each morning, before starting out on our not very rigorous sightseeing agenda, we would spend some time in St. Stephens Green where Little Little could run around and get some of that energy out.  The sun was out the entire time we were in Dublin.  We didn’t see a single cloud.  By local standards this was almost historic.  It was only the second time they have seen the sun this spring.  The only other time was the Sunday prior to our arrival.  So, by our second and third day we started seeing a lot of sun burned people.

The images above are from an early morning walk exploring the Grand Canal Quay.  This is a pretty hip (and empty) part of Dublin city.  Lots of nice loft and apartment buildings and landscaped paths along the Grand Canal.  The performing arts building that looks like it has been slashed with a razor blade and is about to fall over is another one of D. Libeskind’s contributions.  The images below are of our visit to the Irish Museum of Modern Art.  There was a special exhibition on Calder jewellery which also has on display the BMW Art Car that he designed in 1975.

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