day 320_may 31, 2009

In conclusion, here are some random thoughts based on our time in Dublin:

– Each stomach is different, obviously, but if you have doubts about yours stay away from the Irish Blood Pudding. It was either that or the eggs that set me back a day in feeling confident that I wouldn’t need to always know where the next set of facilities might be.

– Locally, Guinness has some competition. The Powerhouse Brewery in the Temple Bar neighborhood. Really good beers! The oysters are huge, also.

– The Dublin City Gallery is worth a visit. It is a little out of the way; across the River Liffey and near the Garden of Remembrance. The addition to the gallery, with the stair slot and light well, along with the smell reminded me of studio in grad school.

– Maybe it is an effect of the global downturn but there doesn’t seem to be a lot a pride here in the city.

– A lot of sweat pants. The predominant fashion statement.

– Our overall impression of Dublin reminded us a cross between Philadelphia and Baltimore.

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