day 325_june 5, 2009

Last time we were at the Kunsthaus Zug I made a note of the fact that Olafur Eliasson would be having his last show, in a series of six, from May to August.  The title, Project: Collection (6) Olafur Eliasson – The moving museum.  The exhibit included tunnels, going from light to dark with projected works and light installations, a moss wall, a photographic series, his new series called “body-space drawings”  and some other random pieces.  It is unfortunate that this museum is bifurcated and with many dead ends, which doesn’t allow for a smooth or cohesive viewing experience, but will be remedied with their plans for a new museum building on the Zugersee.

These bottom images are of a bronze clad snack shack of which the path, that runs along the Zugersee, cuts through the building.  Not far from the bahnhof and old town, we stumbled upon this project as we were heading back to the train station.

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