day 729_july 04, 2010

Heidi Weber Haus, Zürich.  This is the last project that Le Corbusier designed before he died.  It has very limited opening hours.  Only Saturdays and Sundays for three hours per day during July and September.  And we timed our trip to see this house with about two million other people coming to Zürich this weekend.  Apparently the Touch the Lake Züri Fäscht festival was in full swing, shutting down the tram lines and cramming the street with drunk kids coming from the Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill concerts.  The photos don’t show it, but the stage is right behind the Heidi Weber Haus.

day 729_10.07.04_2 day 729_10.07.04_3
day 729_10.07.04_4 day 729_10.07.04_1

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