day 743_july 18, 2010

day 743_10.07.18_1 day 743_10.07.18_2 day 743_10.07.18_3
day 743_10.07.18_4 day 743_10.07.18_5 day 743_10.07.18_6
day 743_10.07.18_7 day 743_10.07.18_8 day 743_10.07.18_9

1800 meters (5906 feet) in two hours and twenty minutes.  These are some of the images of the trail up Mount Rigi.  At one point there were some very, very large cows nearly in the path and I took several minutes contemplating my options.  Turn around.  Wait it out.  Proceed cautiously.  I choose the latter.  It was quite unnerving, especially with those pointy horns on their heads.  I eventually made my way past and repeated several more times before reaching the peak.

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