day 833_october 16, 2010

day 833_10.10.16

A friend of mine introduced me to this sport/competition and I am hooked.  Racketlon is totally for people who have just way too much energy and love to compete.  The tournament I played in was held in Kriens from 3pm to 11pm.  Even though I had home court advantage considering, that this is the same club where I play squash two or three times a week, it didn’t help me in the other three sports.  In each match one plays their opponent in all four sports, starting with Table Tennis then Badminton, Squash and Tennis.  Each game is played to 21 points and service is switched every two times.  The competitor with the most points totaled from all four games wins.  Each entrant is guaranteed at least three matches so even if you lose in the first round you keep playing in order to determine the final ranking of each entrant.  In my case, the division I was playing in had 16 entrants.  I lost my first two matches and won my next two and finished in 12th place.  So I met my goal, which was not to come in last for my division!

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