day 46_august 30, 2008

A day out with about 15 others on a chartered bus (not including the bus driver and his two girlfriends).  This was a trip sponsored by EF and for employees and friends/family.  First stop was the Feldschloesschen brew- ery for a tour and private tasting.

Then on to the quaint town of Rheinfelden for lunch.  After lunch, a two hour boat ride down the Rhine river to Basel where our bus met us for the ride back to Luzern.  The images below are of the main market street and the River Rhine in Rheinfelden.  This river divides Switzerland and Germany.  Germany is on the left.

The Feldschloessen brewery was very, very clean.  The tour guide asked us not to touch anything because they spent hours polishing and cleaning for the film crew that was coming in the next day to shoot a commercial.  The copper brew kettles were perfectly spotless.  They are also not used anymore.  Just for show.  The working brewery is all housed in the newer buildings on site.  Carlsberg now owns this brewery.

Rheinfelden is approximately 15 kilometers from Basel with one set of locks to pass through.  Our boat, on the ride down the River Rhine, must have coasted the whole way because it was a long trip.

The first image below is where our schiff docked, in Basel.  The trolleys in the center of the street reminded us of our trolleys that run in Boston/Brookline.  Although I bet these ones run on time and are a bit safer.

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