day 932_january 23, 2011

day 932_11.01.23_3

Klewenalp.  We took the ship across the lake from Luzern to Beckenried, about an hour, and then the aerial lift up to 1600 meters.  It was quite breathtaking to all of a sudden lift out of the fog and clouds and feel like we were on top of the world.  There was so much snow on the trees which meant our timing was great.  But, it was so, so cold.  I think I only took about five photos for fear of freezing my fingers off.  There was such diversity of sport happening on this mountain.  Hiking, sledding, snow-shoeing, snow boarding, skiing, air boarding and even a few looky-loos.  The variety in trails and terrain was also impressive.  We were on sleds and only later learned that we were on the longest sledding run in Central Switzerland.  It was 3 km long but felt much longer.  We tagged along with four other sledders for fear of getting lost and they proved to be gracious hosts.  Half way through we all stopped and they shared with us butter cookies and spiked cider.  Then it was a race to the bottom!

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