day 1028_april 29, 2011

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Ah, I can’t believe my luck.  We are visiting in Boston and there just happens to be an exhibition on Olafur Eliasson at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.   So many new pieces that I haven’t seen.  The Eliasson exhibit, “Three to Now”, was part of a larger exhibition, “The Divine Comedy,” which spanned three artists at three locations on the Harvard University campus.  Ai Weiwei and Tomás Saraceno, with “Untitled” and “Cloud City” respectively, also exhibited.  The Eliasson exhibit displayed 54 “perceiving machines” leading us to explore our experiential perceptions induced through light, atmosphere and sound.  One of the great aspects of Eliasson’s work are his titles for the pieces.  From top to bottom are, Wall meteorite, Waterfall machine, Forever lamp, National career lamp, and Common sense lamp.

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