day 73_september 26, 2008

The trip to Chur ended up being a long but good day. The reason for the visit was to look at a Peter Zumthor project, Shelters for Roman Archaeological Site, completed in 1986. I though it would be easy to find (I didn’t come prepared with maps or information), but the town was much larger than I was expecting. Not so easy.

So I decided we should walk up the hill which overlooks the town.  I thought I might be able to recognize it.  No such luck.  I did see a large brewery, Calanda, and figured we should head towards that.  If we don’t find the project then at least we might take a brewery tour.  This strategy worked!  We almost walked right past it, for if I didn’t look at the right moment up the street on the left I wouldn’t have seen a sliver of it from behind an unsightly apartment building.  And, after taking way too many photos, we even had time for a stop at Calanda.

If planning a visit and interested in going inside the building, plan ahead.  It is only open six Saturdays of the year at 2.00 pm.  Here is the 2008 schedule; Mai 3, Juni 7, Juli 5, Aug 9, Sept 6 and Okt 4.  If there on any other day it is possible to get a feel of the inside by looking through the two large windows at the front.  The interior lights are on a timer and can be turned on by pushing the button to the left of either window.  (I did just find out that the key can be collected from the Rhaetian Museum, for a self guided tour.)

Chur is one of the oldest settlements in Switzerland, dating as far back as 3900-3500 B.C..  The first paleolithic finds date back to 11,000 B.C..  It is between 600 and 1,800 meters above sea level and has a population of 35,000.

On the way to Chur we had to change trains at Thalwil.  The long red building below is the Sedartis Forum.  It is a jazz club that is owned and operated by the Hotel Sedartis across the street.  Sedartis stems from the words ‘seda’ which is Spanish for silk and ‘art’.  Thalwil was once the home of a major silk industry in the 19th century.

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