day 1431_june 07, 2012

Suspended, The Lightness of Stones.  Kinetic installations by Justin Fiske in dialogue with objects from the Museum der Kulturen’s collection, Basel.  Temporary exhibition, in the top floor of the newly remodeled Herzog & de Meuron project, from the 26th of April through the 15th of June, 2012.  The Cape Town artist spent his time along the Rhine river collecting basket fulls of stones.  With the reels of twine he brought with him to Basel he hung the stones from the ceiling of the gallery creating about a half dozen fluid, sculptural groupings.  And each grouping collected the lengths of twine to a wooden contraption that when swiveled or twisted would energize the stones into a slow and rhythmic movement.  The rudimentary mechanical boxes that collected and delivered each string to the levers were sculpturally interesting but not necessary at all.  The beauty of the stones suspended in their groupings was more than enough to captivate and inspire.

An ArtBasel preview.  The newly installed, temporary Schaulager satellite building at the entrance to the upcoming exposition.  Herzog & deMeron’s blend between the original Schaulager, VitraHaus, and the iconic Swiss barns that dot the landscape.

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