day 156_december 18, 2008



Yes, there are a lot of bicycles in Amsterdam.  They are everywhere and its important to watch out for them.  Apparently there are no rules for cyclists.  No stopping at intersections or yielding to others. They ring their bells and that gives them the right-of-way.  Maybe!  It’s actually quite annoying.  The sidewalks are littered with bikes in random orientations which forces us (with stroller) onto the the narrow roadways which then puts us at great peril of the oncoming bicyclists.  A vicious cycle.

The lower left image is of the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture (ARCAM).  The building was designed by René van Zuuk and is a compact, three story structure with interconnected voids on the interior.  The lower right image is of the new Central Public Library, also known as Oosterdokseiland.  Or, ‘Island of knowledge’, designed by Jo Coenen & Co Architecten.

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