day 1558_october 12, 2012

Still on school holiday so we took the train with friends to St. Gallen to see the Pipilotti Rist exhibition at the Kunstmuseum | Kunstverein.  This piece is, Grüne Hüfte, lila Brust und blaues Auge, 2012.  One of my favorite works was in a grand renaissance style room with high ceilings, tall windows and narrow plank wood floors.  There was nothing hanging on the walls.  Nothing hanging from the ceiling. Actually, the room was entirely empty.  Except there was one really small video screen.  It was approximately 1 x 2 inches and laid flush into one of the floor boards in the middle of the room.  Most people walked through the space without ever noticing.  Even walking right on top of the video that was playing on a loop.

day 1504_august 19, 2012

This is the mountain I will be walking up today.  Mt. Pilatus stands at 2057 meters. Alpnachstadt, the starting point of my hike is at 447 meters. They classify this as a medium skill hike and recommend it being completed in five hours, on average.  My time: 7 km, 1610 meters in vertical elevation in 2 hours 31 minutes.  Those beers at the top tasted sooo good!

day 1494_august 09, 2012

Needless to say, the photos on the website of our hotel are not current!  The four stars on their sign perhaps have a different meaning than the universal system we are all accustomed to.  Our view of the ocean was unbeatable and the room was comfortable, but everything else was in dire need of attention.

Like previously mentioned, I am sticking with a theme, ‘The taste test of Provence.’